Clinical Scenario Author (Independent Contractor - UK Nurse)

Have you ever wished that doctors, nurses & allied health professionals had better communication skills? We have, that’s why we built SimConverse, the world-leading communication training platform, enabled by bleeding edge AI technology.
Our Values

Our values get right to the heart of what we want to put out into the world and the kinds of people we want to work with.

We work with the innovators, who work hard and are trusted by their peers. We do great work and we put great, purposeful, products in the hands of users.

“Curiosity, Transparency, Grit, Bias-to-action"

What you’ll be doing

This is a flexible role with optionality for you to choose your workload and working hours.

On a given day, as an independent contractor you will:
  • Participate in our world-leading AI authoring certification training.
  • Develop, quality assure, and revise clinical scenarios using best practice approaches and our bleeding-edge AI technology.
  • Determine your own project workload.
  • Complete your scenario design projects 100% remotely.

Who we're looking for

To succeed in this role you will need to be independent, driven & passionate about healthcare education, communication skills training and quality.

Above all, we hire to find people who fit our values, we think a team of people like that is a great team to be in.

To be successful in this role you should have:
  • Experience working as a licensed nurse in the clinical setting.
  • Experience as an educator or providing training in a healthcare setting (e.g. clinical educator, simulation educator, course instructor, nurse preceptor, etc.).
  • A skillset and preference for detail-oriented work.
  • Excellent communication and self-management capabilities.

It would help you to have:
  • Simulation experience.


You'll receive world-leading experience working directly with purpose-built AI that exists nowhere else.

The role is fully remote, and you'll determine your own project workload.

Your work will be leveraged by thousands of learners and educators around the world.


At SimConverse we have a simple philosophy on remuneration, pay well and expect great results.
For this position we're offering:
Project based remuneration of £572 for each 4 scenario block

How to apply?

Please submit your application Here. We’ll get back to you with a quick yes or no to move forward in the process.If you have any questions please reach out to