Fully Automated
Communication Skills Training
For The Clinical Workforce

Guided by Simulation best-practice. Powered by purpose-built AI.

Deploy interactive training to thousands of learners with the touch of a button.

Leading universities and health systems trust SimConverse to deliver communication training for learners of every health profession.

Designed for learning

It’s essential to us that what we do maps to improving communication training. We don’t believe technology belongs everywhere, but when applied purposefully it can completely change how effective training is.

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Here’s what our community of educators are saying

Dr Jane Frost
Professor of Nursing @ Western Sydney University
"This AI platform has unlocked completely new ways of training communication skills. From leadership & management through to clinical reasoning."
Jacqueline Yip
Clinical Simulation Lead @ University of Liverpool
"Learners from all disciplines in our School of Health Science love using SimConverse. The value of the technology is obvious, we're able to claim tariff on the full experience as it does the pre-work, conversation, rubric, feedback and reflection all for us."
Joanne Purdue
Professional Services Director @ NSWNMA
"The SimConverse team are incredible. The product is amazing. I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is the first time we've been able to offer effective remote simulation training at our size."
Dr Andrew Coggins
Director of SiLECT @ Westmead Hospital, University of Sydney
"This technology has completely changed the way I deliver my sims. It's rare to find something like SimConverse which can train all our hospital learners on one platform."

Future-proof your curriculum by utilising cutting-edge AI in your communication training

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Our AI trains the vital verbal and para-verbal foundations of communication.

  • Verbal is what you’re saying (words and grammatical structure)

  • Para-verbal equals how you’re saying it (tone, cadence, inflection)

We’ll build out your entire curriculum at no cost to you.

  • We’ve built 1000’s of course-specific scenarios for our partner organisations

  • Access our multi-disciplinary library as well as a full curriculum build out when you work with SimConverse.

Accessibility and applicability are in the SimConverse DNA

  • Learners can access the platform from any device, anywhere.

  • If you can send an email, you can learn with SimConverse.

  • Apply our technology for simple communication scenarios like basic history-taking through to linguistically complex de-escalation and delivery of bad news.

We’ll do all the grading and feedback for you no matter the size of your cohort

  • Save valuable educator time by having the AI mark your rubrics and provide comprehensive personalised feedback to all learners

  • Our AI can use your pre-existing rubrics and assessment criteria or we can build them for you from scratch

Integrate any follow-up activities you need your learners to do

  • From Multi-Choice Questions through to Short Answer or Extended Response, the platform can do it all.

  • It’s critical for educators to leverage their learners being in an “Active Frame” so grouping follow-up activities with the communication scenario is essential.

Learners need reflection in order to improve

  • We employ Gibbs Self-Reflection Cycle in all our scenarios to support learning.

  • If you utilise a different framework, don’t worry, this is easily customisable. So long as your learners are reflecting, we’re happy to facilitate!

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