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SimConverse SimConverse

Enable better access to high quality nursing communication skills training.

We use generative AI to remove all barriers to access and enables communication training for all learners, all the time.

Early-Degree Learners

We help you provide your nursing students with a comfortable environment to familiarise with speaking to patients clinically.

Common Applications:

  • Primary survey
  • Patient identification
  • Introductory health assessment
  • Rapport building

Mid-Degree Learners

As learners gain more experience their information extraction and fluency of interaction should become a major focus.

Common Applications:

  • Risk assessment
  • Detailed health assessment
  • Early care and intervention
  • Deteriorating patient identification
  • Psychosocial assessment

Late-Degree Learners

In the final stages of their degree your learners will need to practise 
more complex scenarios to prepare for professional practice.

Common Applications:

  • Delivering bad news
  • Mental health management
  • Adolescent care
  • Non-compliant patients
  • Inter-professional communication

Post-Graduate, CPD & Professional Learners

Use the platform to prepare for a difficult conversation or to facilitate continuing professional development.

Common Applications:

  • Delivering bad news
  • De-escalation training
  • Mass casualty
  • Cultural safety
  • Re-accreditation

Don't see your desired scenario listed above?

We can build out your entire curriculum!

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